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We have a passion for art

Our shop is:

  • Vegan Safe

  • Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Disposable Single-Use Tattoo Supplies

  • Cross-Contamination Prevention Standards

  • Quiet Tattoo Machines

  • Private Procedure Area

  • Calm Relaxing Atmosphere


* Award Winning Tattoo Artist since 2007 *

Tattoo Convention Artist since 2002

Tattoo Magazine Publications since 2002
(Tattoo Magazine, International Tattoo, Savage Tattoo, Skin & Ink Tattoo, Tatuajes Tattoo
+ many other tattoo publications worldwide in countries such as Japan & Australia)


Our lead artist has 25 years of professional tattoo experience, 

Has been drawing tattoo flash since 1998 - distributed internationally,

And is currently working on new tattoo flash for newest tattoo book.


We proudly value the long-term health & longevity of our clients

Using only use non-bleach, non-chlorine Seventh Generation paper towels

And non-BPA or chemically treated plastics.


Each product we use  from setup to breakdown is the safest on the market & vegan friendly.

Each artist uses state of the art tattoo machines that emit very light sound 

eliminating the loud buzzing typical in most shops providing you with a smooth experience

increasing your ability to relax while receiving your new custom work of art.

Screen Shot 2023-12-20 at 2.02.33 AM.png
  • Lead Award-Winning Tattoo Artist

  • Internationally recognized

  • Tattooing for 25+ years 

  • Loves traveling & working tattoo conventions

  • Loves working in the art studio

  • Specializes in photorealism, fine line,  fantasy & black and grey style tattoos

  • Dedicated visual artist with unique style

  • Currently working on new You Tube art channel 

  • Paintings inspired by dreams, life & love



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